Random Photos

Nikon D50In an attempt to make this WordPress template a little less ‘default’ (not that it isn’t good, I just wanted to make it ‘different’), I’ve decided to replace the default orange swirly glassy effect image with some photos of my own.

These rotate randomly using a PHP image rotator (click here if you want it). So you might see the same image twice, or more. There are about 30 images.

The photos you’ll see are all taken by me, using either my Nikon Coolpix 4200, which I’ve now given to my mother. Or my recently purchased Nikon D50 (reviewed here at dpreview). For those interested, I got my D50 with the lense from the D70 (Nikon 18-70mm f/3.5-4.5G DX IF-ED – review here), I’m still getting the hang of using this camera, but I’m enjoying it, it’s got lots of knobs and buttons and options. :)

Photos that you may see include photos from:

  • my trip to the Philippines last year;
  • the Gold Coast;
  • Whyalla (the beach, marina and a few others);
  • 2005 Clipsal 500;
  • Semaphore Road and Jetty;
  • and a few others.

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